Sunday Snippets 2008-03-30

Quote of the Week: We are the ones the Jones’ are trying to catch up with. – Luke Gedeon

A couple other thoughts:

I sure am looking forward to some global warming. It has been a long winter and I am ready for it to be over.

Too bad we can’t eat seagulls. They are everywhere.

When our two-year-old says, “I go daddy” she is talking about the potty not the web host.

A comment on Dave Winer’s blog:

There is still a lot of original thought in the blogosphere. It is just hard to find. See, people who are working on big ideas and original thought are too busy working on the idea to spend time on SEO, and getting the attention of the A-list. If you want to find original thought you are going to have to do some old fashion searching on the topics you care about. With RSS your search will pay-off for months or years after, but you have to occasionally go out and actively search.

I do agree with you that the end is near, though. But, that is a good thing. We need an end to all the old stuff (5 years is a long time, right?), to make room for the new.

From Caleb Jones’ FaceBook:

“If rich people could hire other people to die for them, we the poor could make a good living”

“To err is human…to blame it on someone else shows good management skills.”

From twitter:

Scobleizer Google will have an announcement on at noon Pacific Monday. Wheee! about 1 hour ago

alexkingorg There’s just no way to correct all of the wrong assumptions people make. about 10 hours ago

lgedeon Sometime the truth sounds insane. Just because it sounds insane doesn’t mean it isn’t. 11:21 PM March 28, 2008

Scobleizer Joy. Got a refund coming. Can we get that in Euros? 02:08 PM March 28, 2008

davewiner Consensus is that the word “blog” has been hijacked by the pros. Never really liked the word that much anyway. :-) 12:56 PM March 28, 2008

Scobleizer They won’t let me Tweet the secret. It is cool, but didn’t make me cry. Some devs might, though. 10:40 AM March 28, 2008

Scobleizer Done at Google. They didn’t let me video its coolest secret. Sigh. 10:31 AM March 28, 2008

lgedeon Why is it that most people who twitter about the brain, say negative things? 09:37 PM March 27, 2008

shalunov Most web apps don’t need a password. Permacookie with emailed login link works best for me. Hate passwords. 04:00 PM March 27, 2008

lgedeon There are some wonderfully hilarious parts of parenting that just cannot be shared online. You would just have to be here. 12:36 PM March 26, 2008

lgedeon Our two-year-old is soooo cute! And being cute at 2 is difficult. 03:58 PM March 25, 2008

giddytab I don’t have time to bother, but even if I did, I doubt time would appreciate being bothered. 01:46 AM March 25, 2008

aaffleck Feeling healthy for the first time in 3 weeks… *looks up to see if any anvils are falling* 09:57 AM March 24, 2008

lgedeon dividing is just subtracting over and over again 09:47 AM March 24, 2008

lgedeon seventy-four, seventy-six, seventy-eight, seventy-ten…. oh wait sixty is next right? :) 09:32 AM March 24, 2008

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2 responses to “Sunday Snippets 2008-03-30

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  2. The Global Warming hoax has pretty much run its course. Isn’t it time people began looking at pollution other forms of environmental issues that do make sense? I’m as concerned as the next guy about leaving this old world better than I found it, I just resent being conned.

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