Sunday Snippets 2008-04-27

This was my first “normal” week in months. I was still incredibly busy, but a little less stressed. I think that this is partially because I declared bankruptcy on a few projects. Finally admiting that you are not going to do something allows you to get things done.

I also went for some easier/boring blog posts this week. Really only two out of six were worth reading and the one on BatchBlue was easy. The post on China was longer but since it is closely related to work, I had been thinking about the topic quite a while before writing which made it easier.

Oh wow! I just switched to full screen mode in WordPress 2.5! Very cool! Very much needed, too. The header space in the new admin theme takes up half of the screen. I am going to have to play with the CSS on that. The good news is that I can. Anyway, back to snippets.

The king of podcasting talking about what podcasting is all about, in case you were wondering. Thanks, Josh for the link.

With as close as the primaries are, you have wonder what the general election is going to look like.

And last but not least. Top Tweets of the Week:

Adam Darowski adarowski Watching my baby boy take some steps (with help from some fingers).
Dave Caolo panache I’m tempted to drive to Boston just to photograph Apple’s Green Monster
Chris Brogan chrisbrogan Indecisiveness bugs me, or at least I think it does. I dunno.
Luke Gedeon lgedeon @asianchocolate but with twitter I got to say hi to both of you on your big race day.
Luke Gedeon lgedeon @asianchocolate here is one way you can explain twitter to him. I would probably never think to call either of you even if I knew the number
Luke Gedeon lgedeon @asianchocolate cool, tell him hi for me. And yes, some people take longer to grow-up than others. 🙂
asianchocolate asianchocolate haha! @lgedeon … It was matt mccurry. 🙂
Luke Gedeon lgedeon @asianchocolate, teens are often early adopters, but twitter is more popular with adults. Just tell them they will get it when they grow-up
Luke Gedeon lgedeon My wife (@giddytab is insane! Crazy-awesome-cool, but insane! Just stuck her hand in the toilet to rescue a nail. 🙂
asianchocolate asianchocolate my friends are making fun of my twittering
Katherine Gray thisKat Working on a brief that the client actually asked to be less brief. A first.
Adam Darowski adarowski Things that make a daddy melt: Ella singing “I’ll follow you into the dark” to her baby bro.
rpasión suburbanrambler 4am- wide awake with the sniffles from spring allergies
Tabetha Gedeon giddytab Very sleepy after a late night last night (early morning?). Time to get a good workout….doing dishes. 🙂
Tabetha Gedeon giddytab Touching chalk makes me cringe and make faces…especially when 2 pieces rub together. It’s worse than fingernails on a chalkboard!
Adam Darowski adarowski @lgedeon Nice! I’m not even sure what to say… I gotta hop on there and comment!
Michelle Riggen-Rans mriggen @lgedeon Wowie, thanks for the nice post! Next time we see you, we’ll have to have Adam give you a hug 🙂
Luke Gedeon lgedeon twitter seems to be generating a lot more vocabulary than the average tech. Prob b/c we are trying to cram so much into such a small space:)
Luke Gedeon lgedeon Am I the first person ever to refer to microblogs as microbs?
seanbonner seanbonner In the same way <strong> replaced <b>, “have” is now useless thanks to “has”
Tabetha Gedeon giddytab My husband is so smart!! He figured out the bounce seat that we didn’t even know needed figuring out! Now I can use it longer!!
seanbonner seanbonner OH: “it’s Chris… Um.. Chris.. Whats his last name, he looks like a monkey.” “pirillo?” “Yeah!”
Luke Gedeon lgedeon Oh that makes my head hurt! Call me a little slow but I just discovered you can get an RSS of what someone else is reading in twitter.
maurilio maurilio Forgot to tell my wife I was leaving town yesterday. Not very smart for a communications expert! I’m going to bed. Alone. 🙁
Sacca sacca Firefox doesn’t recognize the word “endorphins.” I worry about those coders. Somebody get them outside for some exercise.
Dave Caolo panache I’m having one of those “I love everybody and everything” days. It’s nice.
Dave Caolo panache @lgedeon True again.
Luke Gedeon lgedeon My fortune cookie says, “Many possibilities are open to you – work a little harder.” Thats almost cruel.
Luke Gedeon lgedeon @panache and we get paid with candy bars and soda instead of chickens and pigs.
Mack D. Male mastermaq @lgedeon Haha I used to live even further north, if you can believe it!
Dave Caolo panache @lgedeon LOL it’s true.
Luke Gedeon lgedeon @panache Geeks = the modern day country doctor.
Dave Caolo panache making a house call. I’d rather be home 🙁
Luke Gedeon lgedeon @mastermaq that is hilarious. I just installed the air-conditioner. And I thought I lived up north. 🙂
Mack D. Male mastermaq Got stuck in the snow. Good thing Canadians are so willing to help push!
Laura Fitton Pistachio Gonna jump in the Hummer now and drive around a mountainside for an hour. I figure, Earth Day, get outside? Kidding. Taking the T to town.
Luke Gedeon lgedeon @davewiner – Head for the halls 🙂 Conferences are for meeting people not learning stuff. — advice from a infoholic.
Tabetha Gedeon giddytab Curious what the famous article is? Check it out!
Tabetha Gedeon giddytab I love it when my husband shares an article that I previously shared with him. It means he likes what I shared.
Matt Gillooly mattgillooly @adarowski and @romanoff – Agreed! I bet you guys would like Providence-local http://www.minkystarshine.n…
Mike Davis globalcitizen loving life again – @igedeon came through like a turbo booster and shed some light on the image insertion in WP2.5 – follow @igedeon! rocks!
Luke Gedeon lgedeon @sdwint oh yeah, I forgot I have a couple editors reading my tweets now. I guess I am gonna have to leern two speel. 🙂 Thanks for the smile
sdwint sdwint @lgedeon Gotta love checks with big kisses… Just like grandma used to give! 😉
Luke Gedeon lgedeon Bethany is so cute! She is grabbing her Mom and Dad (us) by the head and putting big kisses on our checks.

4 responses to “Sunday Snippets 2008-04-27

  1. So, the WordPress software update, do you know how closely those updates mirror the site? They changed the look of the dashboard. Yes I used the word “change” intentionally. I refuse to call something an update unless I actually think it is one. Just wondering.

  2. Yes it is the same change. And behind the scenes it is an upgrade. I am not sure how handles admin themes but I guess I am about to find out. Anyway the idea behind the update is that you can now control how the admin side looks not just the front end. From what I read at least half of WP users did not like the new default theme and will be changing it. So what changes to the admin side are you looking for?

  3. None. I actually liked the format that they had. The new layout has far too much stuff on the Dashboard, and I do not get to manipulate the design to boot. Not really an update for me. Oh well, maybe the next change will actually be an update.

  4. Well… it’s been a long time since a post has been made here.

    As you may now know WordPress 2.8.2 is now released.

    It was released on July 20, 2009.

    I think the XSS vulnerability fix was a necessary change. Now 2.9 is coming and maybe we will see some improvement in the multi medium features. Which I think is a good move. I would sure like to see better media features. There is so much multi medium online now it’s just going crazy. The more tools and function in this area sould make it very interesting.

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