"Being There" is half the battle.

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A friend told a story today about a college professor who gave his lecture on a particularly snowy morning many years ago. That morning, one student arrived late and found the professor giving his lecture to an empty classroom. The student sat down quickly and started taking notes. At the end of class, the professor asked if anyone had any questions and the student asked, “Why are you teaching when nobody is here?” The professor replied that he really felt bad about testing over material that was not covered in class.

Not many professors are that serious about their class schedule these days, but stuff likes this happens everyday in other situations. Sometimes, just being there is a huge challenge, but one that provides significant rewards.

If you consistently do what is right, you are going to be on your own quite a bit. The last several generations in the US have highly valued individuality and originality. Everyone wants to create their own signature style. Their seems to no more original, unique, and inimitable behavioral style than doing the boring and hard stuff even when you would rather not.

What are you going to do today that no one else can or would do but that really needs to be done?

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