Water, Water everywhere, and not a drop to drink

Catedral y muralla II / Cathedral and Wall IIImage by ajgelado via Flickr

My wife is following the tales of the

Water very well may be what stops China dead in its tracks. If a good solution is not found soon, China will lose millions of people to a national water shortage. No matter how much you might fear or hate China, this is something you should not even wish on your worst enemy.

While 3/4th’s of the world’s surface is covered with water, only a very small fraction of that is drinkable. The ancient rhyme in the title of this post refers to a common problem on ships one hundred years ago. They would be surrounded by salt water they could not drink, and had no drinkable water on board. Hopefully we will not find ourselves in this situation any time soon.

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  1. Water – an important factor for human life. Man on 75% consists of water. I think you need to build water purification systems to maintain the health of the nation.

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