What I learned from metaphors for life

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The results for this month’s MZM “What I learned from…” group writing project are in. I actually came up with two this time. The second was mostly just for fun. I don’t have to say much today since I am giving you a bunch of stuff to read. Here ya go:

When you get done with this list let me know and I will give you a second list with more great stuff to read.

15 responses to “What I learned from metaphors for life

  1. What a great round up of viewpoints, eh, Luke? Hey – where’s MY three?

    Thanks for participating, though!

  2. Wow that was a fast reply!

    Sorry, I knew the list looked a bit short but was still trying to figure out how to get the picture the right size. I just posted it as a test. Spell check still to come. :)

  3. Hi Luke, thanks for the link!

    Following you in twitter now =)



  4. Hello Luke, Another thanks for the link!

  5. Thanks for posting the round up of links. It was a fun group writing project wasn’t it?

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  7. I love writing in and reading these group projects. I very much enjoyed all of these writings.

  8. Stress? I never worry about the things I can’t change. Because…..I can’t change them!

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  10. Nice list , I especially like the ones: “Life is a Piece of Cake” and ” Life is a Garden Maze “. I find them so appropriate and refreshing.

    Reading delightful sayings like these help me get things in perspective and even give me fresh insights at times.

  11. As a golf nut I particularly liked “life is like a game of golf”. I’m not sure if the lessons of life make you a better golfer or if it’s the lessons that we learn from golf that make us handle life better.

  12. interesting group, I may contribute the next time round. thanks

  13. “Life is like a game of golf”…..naaaaa…Life is much easier and much more

    rewarding. (Spoken from a 10 handicap). :)
    .-= Caleb´s last blog ..Jul 18, New! 2009 Repo Boats Resource to finding reposessed boat auctions and sales =-.

  14. vario mesa

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