Zhong logo version 4

Here is another version of a logo I am working on in my spare-time. This particular draft is all about font types and sizes, and word placement.

Notice that the C’s inside the zhong character are a different font than the rest. I actually hand adjusted these to look like the zhong character. I am now trying to decide whether to go to the trouble of rebuilding every character used in the words “Caring for China Center” to also match zhong or change the two C’s back to the font used for the rest, or to just leave it as two different fonts.

The font change might not be as big a deal, depending on what effects I add to it. Here are a couple samples:

Also in this draft I made the words smaller and left aligned instead of right aligned.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

One response to “Zhong logo version 4

  1. Luke,

    I like the top one in black. Looks 3d and more bold and powerful.

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