Calling All China Bloggers

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If you are in China, from China, near China, interested in China, or have any other connection with China, this post is for you.

Even if you do not blog, but you are willing to type a few paragraphs, submit a photo, or record audio or video, this is also a shout out to you.

This is your chance to connect with hundreds of other people who are interested in China. Over the next few days, (maybe longer, we’ll see) I am going to be sponsoring guest posts on the topic of China. Almost everything has a China connection these days, so even if you croquet mittens and sold a pair to someone in China once, we would love to here about it. But, I am especially targeting those who have a frequent connection to China.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Leave a comment on this post telling me how soon your post will be ready.
  • Based on your availability, I will schedule a date for your post.
  • Write (produce if you are doing audio/video) your entry and email it to me.

Your post should include:

  • An introduction to you, your work, your passions, and especially your connection to China.
  • A link to your blog, twitter and other web-presences.
  • A sample of your writing, audio, video, photography, etc.

For the sample, you can pull out an old post and polish it up, or just write something new. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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13 responses to “Calling All China Bloggers

  1. I would definitely like to contribute! I’ll have something for you on Friday or Sat. at the latest.

  2. Meg,

    Thanks! You are on for Saturday.

  3. Hey Luke,

    Sounds like an idea. I’ll get you something by next Wednesday – 18th.

    Ken Carroll

  4. Ken,

    Thanks, you are on the calendar.

  5. I had submitted my post with hyperlinks to several Free Hang Seng Technical Analysis and Charts files, but the system seems to have lost the post when I clicked on the Submit button. azmat

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  7. Thanks for the kind invitation, Luke. I’d actually like to submit to your readership the blog story I just posted at: I like blogging about insights I gain everyday through living and working in China; and trying to link everyday events with the global happenings.

    Kind regards,

    Bill Dodson

  8. Luke,

    I would be delighted to contribute to your project.

    Would Monday March 30 be too late? I would prefer that date to be on the safe side, but I could do it by Friday March 27 if that is too late.

  9. Andrew, and everyone,

    I am going to leave this invitation open indefinitely, but I expect interest to die down over time. So for maximum exposure I suggest participating as soon as your schedule allows.

    Also if you are like me and need a deadline to inspire you to actually get it done let me know and I will help you set one.

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  11. This is a great post is it still available? I have a lot of friends from china who would be interested. At any rate I will go ahead and forward this wonderful gesture to them.

    • Gill, yes this opportunity is still open. I would love to host you and your friends. I and many of my readers are very interested others perspectives on China.

    • Gill,

      The email address you used when you left this comment did not go through. Possibly a typo? Anyway, that means the only way you are going to see this is if you stop back by later.

      I also tried to leave a comment on your blog but you require users to sign-in to comment, and forgot to give people a way to sign-up. :) You won’t get many comments that way.

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