Government Funding in America

This was originally a comment in reply to a post and comments discussing government funding of universities. The same concept applies to government funding of any project. They were talking about what the government “should” do. Here is my reply.

Unfortunately, “should” does not matter in America anymore. The government no longer has to listen to ordinary bloggers citizens about what they should and should not do.

Government funded projects give the government more power because with a government funded project the government is the customer, and “the customer is always right”, right?

So, the government will gladly fund projects as long as it can get money to fund them with. And, as a result of their previous investments in “projects” as far back as the New Deal, the government now has enough power to get all the money they need to fund the projects that will give them even more power.

This self-perpetuating cycle has passed the tipping point. As soon as the boomers pass-away leaving their wealth to the government via inheritance and other taxes, this country is going to be state-owned.


The conversation continues at: Here is my reply:

That is an awesome quote: “If the students can read, they will learn, on their own, and then form their own conclusions from a variety of sources, not just the prejudices of the teachers and designers of curricula.”

I also have to agree with Jim that as long as the government is funding education, it will also be regulating it, and you will never break free from their brainwashing attempts.

Private, small donations are the best way to fund anything intended for the public good. Government should primarily focus on protecting people’s lives and property from theft and destruction.

If the millions of dollars donated to election campaigns were given to non-profit orgs that provided need based scholarships, they would be well funded. The big reason that election campaigns receive so much money is because people want a say in how those billions of dollars of taxes are spent. If you take away the money for education and other government funded charities, elections become a lot less interesting.

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