Cannot Edit Saved Import Steps in Access 2007 – Partial Workaround

Yesterday, I mentioned that Access 2007 would not let you edit Saved Import Steps, but that I had found a partial work-around. This will not rescue all of steps but should help with one of the more painful ones. 

  1. Import a new file (or the same one all over again) but,
  2. This time choose to append, instead of making a new table. (don’t worry we are not really appending – we are just borrowing the column headings)
  3. Choose the table that you built with the original import that you are trying to change.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Go into “advanced”. All your column heading and data-types will be there.
  6. Now you can make the changes you need
  7. Save the spec inside that dialog using the Save as… button.
  8. Then cancel out of that import (you were not wanting to append anyway, right?)
  9. You can then use the new spec for any further imports.

It’s not a full solution, but saves some of the work.

If this helped you, or you have further questions, please leave a comment.

    2 responses to “Cannot Edit Saved Import Steps in Access 2007 – Partial Workaround

    1. Change “Import Steps” to “Import Specs” in the title and body, and it will be more accurate.

      • I will have to go back and check, but I think it really is “Import Steps”. What Access is saving is the results of a wizard that it walks you through and it is literally recording the steps you took to make the import work.

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