I Want to Thumb-up Your Ad

Some ads are really well done. Some are not. Some are ok but so far off topic / awful I would like to ban them from my computer.

I have never been a fan of advertisement, but now that advertisement is my primary source of income I am a little more interested in making them better. :) And honestly, ads can be really helpful if they are talking about a new IDE or something else I want to know about.

And that is the key. I want to control what type of ads I see. I really don’t want some algorithm based on my birthday, occupation, and other demographics. Those details put me in a category that I really don’t identify with. The same is probably true for you as well.

Give me the ability to thumb-up the ads I like and thumb-down the ads that I don’t. Pandora style. Actually Pandora would be a great place for this to start. Yes, I know that thumbing them all down will not get rid of all advertisements. I will just get stranger and stranger matches. I am smart enough to give you good feedback so I get better ads, and you will get feedback on which ads are hits and which are duds.



2 responses to “I Want to Thumb-up Your Ad

  1. i picked this one because i work in production freelance, mainly on commercials. i’d love to hear more feedback from viewers about the commercials that i have worked on and the effect it has on people.

    may i please have a copy of microsoft office for Mac OS X / Version 10.5.8

    thank you

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