Quotes, Role models, and Principles

Quotes that have shaped my life and way of thinking.

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. – Thomas Edison

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it. – Franklin?

Role models, and what about them I want to imitate.

Benjamin Franklin – It was said of him that he did not say much, but that when he did everyone stopped to listen.

Barnabus, Gandalf, Obi Wan, and D. L. Moody’s Sunday School teacher.


Balance – I have even found that the pursuit of balance, has to be balanced with the necessity of passion. Passion is the key ingredient that differentiates between “good” and “great.” Proper balance, though, is required to even make it to “good.”

Patience – Given enough time, any wrong-headed person will either learn or destroy himself. Either way, the pain will pass and good will result. There is no need to worry about problems, or to try escape them. Simply do what is right in every situation, and leave the results up to God.

Innovation – There is always a better way to do things. Do not settle for good enough. If you can do something better, do it. If not, find something that you can do better. If a tree stops growing it dies. If it keeps growing it might just keep living forever. Humans stop growing. Humans die. Keep growing.

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