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This site is about a pursuit of excellence – mine and yours. I am passionate about helping you accomplish great things. If you have big dreams and need help getting started, I can help. Let’s talk about it here. Let’s change the world.

This site is a conversation. Hopefully a conversation with you. To be a conversation, there must be more than one person talking. So please comment. I would love to here from you, and will not delete your comment even if I do not agree with you. If your comment does get knocked into the spam box though, contact me directly through my about page, and I will fish it out.

A note about commenting in other languages: I have recieved hundreds of comments in Russian that I am pretty sure are spam and quite a few others that I am not sure about but also appear to be spam. The fact of the matter is that this blog is written in English with a little Chinese. If you can understand what you read on this blog well enough to make a relevant comment, you understand English well enough to comment in English or maybe Chinese. Comments in any other language will be deleted unless I see overwhelming evidence that you really want to participate in the conversation but find it very difficult to communicate in English.

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The content of this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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