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I am starting a new series to answer your questions. I know that the answer to just about any question is already out there somewhere on the web, but that does not mean it is easy to find or easy to understand. I want to make it easy for you.

I love researching. I have thousands of hours of experience with online and real world research. With my experience and broad knowledge base, I can find the answer quickly. And if you are just looking for an opinion, I have some of the best opinions available. I have also been told that I explain things well.

Sounds like I am bragging? I am not, I am just letting you know that I am available. So ask away.

My areas of expertise are technology, history, economics, linguistics, non-profits, China and the rest of Asia, and research. Honestly I have found very little that I am not interested in. If you would like to ask a question on any of these topics or any other that could be answered through online research, drop me a comment, email, etc., and I will put the answer on my blog.

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