Essay: End of Term Essay

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When looking at the future my mind quickly runs through thousands of things I would like to accomplish in my lifetime. I want to write several books, manufacture a new type of computer I have invented, create software that can learn any language through interaction with several native speakers and then translate the Bible into that language, start a distribution company in Asia, build a rail and/or high tech navigation system for electric vehicles, build the internet in Asia, build the world’s longest tunnel, start a mission board for tentmakers, start a university in Asia, and many other things. With so many interests, I think I will enjoy doing whatever God has for me to do, but I am also fairly sure that I am going to die wishing I could more.

My long-term goals have not changed as a result of this class, but this class has been responsible for introducing a few new ideas.

My short-term goals include an MBA, and then a doctorate, and raising a godly family of hopefully at least seven. I also want to work in as many different positions as possible so that I can have a broad understanding of the many processes involved in getting idea to product to customer.

The self-assessment section of the profile confirmed my opinion that I have the skills and interest to do just about anything, as long as the person I report to is flexible and open to process improvement. I also have a strong desire to be doing things that others cannot do. If it is something that is easy enough for other people to do, I am not going to really want to do it unless it is something that nobody else will do and it needs to be done.

During this class I have become more aware of my creativity in addition to the curiosity that I was already well aware of. Since before I can even remember, my mother tells me, I have had an insatiable desire for knowledge. While most children have a stage where they are constantly asking why, I never stopped. This curiosity has allowed me to obtain above average knowledge, even though have am below average in intelligence. In other words, I learn slowly but, since I never stop, I have learned a lot.

I was not aware until recently, though, that I could be described as creative. My creativity as a child took the form of a vivid imagination. As I grew older, I was always searching for a better way to do things, but I never associated that with creativity. My imagination has remained strong, and I enjoy writing short stories. I have always enjoyed art and music and probably would have pursued a more traditionally creative career, except that there is not a great need in this area. I need to be needed. There are plenty of people who are capable and willing to do the creative jobs. I take the road less traveled.

The information on “the hunt” and how to find job opportunities was very helpful. The most important thing I learned may have been that Monster is not the only job board on the internet. I also discovered that typing “jobs Nashville” in a search engine does not get you very far. Some of the job sites mentioned in the “Get a Job” pack led to many good job leads.

My strengths include problem solving, creative thinking, communication, system development, and process improvement. My weaknesses are in the area of organization and endurance. I do not like being in a rut. I am constantly searching for a better way to do things or a way to get the computer to handle the mundane.

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    As a fresh user i just want to say hello to everyone else who uses this bbs <:-)

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    Great Forum & Community!

    I’ve been here as a lurker for a while and finally got around to registration.

    I sorta live online – spend most of my days addicted to social sites like MySpace and gambling sites like Betot.

    Besides gambling, I love sports and hiking.

    So that’s my self introduction. Happy New Year to All and hope to get to know you all better…


  3. Hello folks,

    I hope this is the right place to post this – if not I apologize!

    Anyway, I’m still new around here but I’ve been a web designer for over 2 years. I recently finished a new layout for my flash games website and I would like to get some feedback on it from you guys.

    Both positive and negative reviews will be welcome so be honest !

    I put long hours into the header – so specific feedback on it would be fantastic (which animation do you like best?)

    Thank you!

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