If you write it, they will come

Jon-Marc and some of the other G-listers, you have a lot more readers than you realize. Unfortunately, your blog requires people to log-in to comment. That blocks spam but can also make you feel lonely at times.

Also a note to all G-listers and anyone else who would like to increase readership. The number of regular readers you have is directly related to the frequency of your posts, even if all you are doing is a quick update. Yes, I know. I am working on consistency myself.

Also if you post frequently on a forum or comment on other blogs, you can condense the best-of on your blog. Forums are horrible for including a lot of extra stuff that is not relevant to the story or discussion. The content without the noise would be very valuable. You can use CoComment to automatically bring comments on other blogs together, or you can just reply on your own blog and link.

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