Blogging is a form of leadership

I have found that a large portion of corporate America does not understand the function of the CEO or leaders in general. Unfortunately, even some people in leadership positions are not aware of what it is that they should be doing. But lack of knowledge seldom prevents someone from criticizing. Actually, lack of understanding seems to increase the likelihood and the volume of criticism.

Part of the job of a leader is to increase understanding. It is more than telling them what to do or how to do it. It is helping them see why. It is easy to assume that everyone already has the same level of experience and just gets it. They do not. Leadership is not easy. You have to take people with very diverse backgrounds and skills and get them all to walk in the same direction.

Leadership is influence. Influence can only be applied through communication. Blogging is a form of communication. Therefore blogging is a form of leadership. As a leader blogging cannot keep you from your job. It is part of it.

The great leaders of the past spent a good bit of their time rallying the troops. Before the age of corporations if you asked what does a leader do? The answer would be, “They speak.” They encourage people to believe that they can do things that they did not think were possible. They encourage people to dream and to do more than they would otherwise do. They also bring people together for a common cause. They do this through communication.

As a leader you never have to ask, “Should I talk?” But you may have to ask, “Am I talking about the right things to the right people?” As a blogger you have a much different audience than in a board room or a company meeting. Blogging reaches an audience that needs to be reached. You just have to make sure that what you are saying is the right message for the primary audience you are reaching.

This was originally a post on another blog. I copied it here for those of you who do not read that blog and because I thought it was worth saying twice.

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