We are moving next weekend!

Did you even know we were going to move? Neither did we until last week. Our fifth child was born a few weeks ago and last week the apartment manager told us we had too many children to live there and would need to move in the next 30-60 days.

If you are wondering why they did not tell us earlier that this was coming, we are wondering too since we see them frequently and Tabetha was obviously pregnant several months before the baby was born. The only reason that we can think of is that they have a hard time finding renters during the winter, so they may have decided to let us slide until spring.

Fortunately, Tabetha had already been looking for a place close to where we will be going several times a week for Chinese lessons. I am also doing a lot of work in or near Providence now so we wanted to move anyway, it was just a surprise to find that now we had to move quick.

The new house is a bit of a miracle. Tabetha and I have been running a crazy busy schedule, and really did not have the time to go look at a bunch of places. So we asked God to help us find the right place quickly. He did. This was a one day offer, on a house that had been on the market for a month or two. It was originally a little over priced. We got a significant savings by agreeing to move-in immediately. The discount put it right about average, but the fact that he was ok with five kids pretty much sealed the deal. It is funny that he was in a hurry since they are finishing renovations this week, but as a private owner he really cannot afford to let the house be vacant for long, and falling house prices are already squeezing profits for those who bought at the peak.

All that to say we are going to be quite busy this week.

3 responses to “We are moving next weekend!

  1. What?! We’re moving?! You really should let your wife in on these things!! 🙂

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  3. Wow, I need to check my blog feeds more often. Congratulations! …and happy unpacking days 😉

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