An invitation to use a really cool, new tool.

UPDATE: Apparently the day after I posted this GrandCentral disabled all invitations. I failed to notice this until today (3/15). The most recent post on the GrandCentral blog says nothing about when invites might be available again. My apologies to those whose hopes I raised. I will continue to watch for an opportunity and share this with you as soon as possible.

If you have ever found yourself giving someone three different phone numbers in the hopes that they would be able to reach you at one of the numbers, you need GrandCentral. Or if you ever wished you could just use one number and it would forward to wherever you are, you need GrandCentral. Or, maybe you need one of the hundreds of other features.

Basically if you want to do anything neat with incoming calls GrandCentral may be the solution you need.

For right now you have to get an invite from a current user in order to be able to use this service. The good news is that I have a few of these invites. If you are interested contact me.

I got my invite from Johnny Fuery. I think he has given out all of his now so his readers get first dibs, but so far that only looks like two more than he had. Anybody else?

The invite option is unavailable at the moment. I have had several people ask for my invites. I will give them first dibs and then if any are left I will post again. That is if, GrandCentral ever opens back-up.

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