Dr. Wang Bingzhang

Today, I want to take a minute to talk about a Chinese prisoner that has sacrificed his life in the pursuit of freedom in China. Dr. Wang was sentenced to life imprisonment for taking a stand against the Communist party.

He is now in very bad health and in desperate need of treatment, which he has been denied. The Chinese government has several times in the past allowed prisoners to leave the country to get medical help. Sometimes they are barred from returning to China, but their lives have been spared. We are hoping they will release Dr. Wang as well.

The site http://www.wangbingzhang.us/main/index_en.htm is devoted to seeking his release. It also includes a list of several thing you can do to help.

I would like to add one other request. If you care about what is going on in China and have some time to devote to helping save lives and helping the Chinese win their freedom, please contact me. There are many different ways that you could help, if you have the time. Also you can subscribe to this blog and I will keep you up to date on a lot of China related stuff.

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