Google versus Scoble. Google wins.

I have read for years about the Scoble affect. Robert Scoble links to you and suddenly your server is overwhelmed. Yesterday I finally had something to pitch and decided to give it a try.

I asked for a link and, being the really nice guy that he is, Scoble linked to me in twitter. My traffic doubled. Not bad, but not quite what I was hoping for. Maybe I need a better pitch. Maybe a link in his blog is better than a twitter link. Maybe the day I chose was the problem. Twitter was experiencing some serious slowness and random forgetfulness on Saturday and Sunday, and Sundays (the day he linked to me) are typically slower anyway.

But for comparison, I linked to the Google blog a couple weeks ago and that created a trackback with just the title of my post, and my traffic went up more than 10 times normal. Of course, that was a tech post and Scoble was helping me promote a non-profit and they seem to be harder to promote.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to improve results?

Anyway, thanks Robert for the link. It did help some.

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  1. I get about the same traffic from a leaving a comment on Scoble’s blog as from a link on his link blog or a Twitter link (I think I got a Twitter link from him once.. A direct link from his main blog sends a lot more traffic. Hitting it big on Digg or some of the other rating sites can really send traffic though the roof though. Is a Twitter link a twink I wonder? 🙂

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