How many minutes did it take to get 10,000 signed up?

Eleven minutes after Google AppEngine went live, I found the URL to sign-up. The URL on Tech Crunch was incorrect so it took a few minutes to find. They have fixed it now.

I got a message saying they were limiting users to the first 10,000 but it did not say whether I was one of them or not. Something about the way it was worded makes me think I was too late.

So that means that in 11 minutes or less they signed up a lot of people!

Does anyone know how many minutes/seconds it took to get the first 10,000?

UPDATE: I just got an email….. It says that I am in w00t!!!1!

UPDATE 2: Welcome visitors from the Google blog. Thanks for stopping by. If you missed the window for getting in on AppEngine and would like to try it out, I am going to share my account with anyone who is willing to help with Semantic Assertions – my first project in gAppEng. Let me know if you are interested.

UPDATE 3: There was quite a bit of confusion last night about whether you were in or not. The thing that has caught everyone off guard, including me, is that the confirmation message after you submit the form does not make it clear whether you are part of the first 10,000 or not. You just had to wait for the email. They were still accepting new people as late as 30 minutes after launch.

If you did not make it, What time did you submit your request?

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