Sunday Snippets 2008-04-13

Wow! This has been a killer week! Killer in this case referring to the fact that I think it was out to kill me. But, the week is over and the weak (me) is still alive.

I started the week by declaring this China week. I was planning a trip to DC with Xu Wenli and had just attended a race and rally with him. I wanted to give a little background on China to help you understand why these thing are important. I also planned to do a review of the trip but have completely run out of time. The only reason this post is happening is because a good bit of it is all ready written. I will have to finish the review soon.

My top post this week in my opinion was the one about Dr. Wang Bingzhang.

This is an interesting way to video. It is almost like a series of picture but they are actually video clips. It makes for a neat affect. I had an interesting conversation with John Cass this week. My comment is below. Full conversations is here.

That is really not a bad comment. The site it linked to might not be good, but think about it. You are having a conversation at a conference, someone speaks the same paragraph and hands you a card. If you think it sounds interesting you keep the card if not you toss it. But, the person is not considered rude for offering his services.

I think we ought to reserve the word spam for stuff that is either offensive or way off-topic. If you dilute the word to include an on-topic (or close in this case) offer of a service, the word starts to lose meaning.

That said, in this case, I would have deleted the link too. I do not link to sites that are doing wrong, although I have left links to bloggers who are wrong, as long as they are not being evil. I would also encourage you to focus more on what to do instead of what not to do. Positive versus Negative. Maybe in this case, suggesting acceptable ways for a commercial blogger to promote his site. An occasional roast will not hurt you, but frequent negativity will attract a negative audience that would rather complain than fix things.

Favorite Tweets of the Week:

Chris Brogan chrisbrogan @lgedeon – Ahhh cool. Gotcha. Sorry, I’m sleepy. : )
Luke Gedeon lgedeon @chrisbrogan – a weak attempt at humor. If its not “your” biz then of course you would have no reason to follow. It is “none of” your biz 🙂
Chris Brogan chrisbrogan @lgedeon – huh?
Luke Gedeon lgedeon @chrisbrogan unless you own the business, it is none of your business anyway 😉
Chris Brogan chrisbrogan I also don’t seem to add many “businesses” that Twitter.
Juan Carlos Arzola juancarzola Life’s real failure is when you do not realize how close you were to success when you gave up.
Pistachio You give tones of presentations every day, whether you know it or not. A big one? Answering your telephone.
Chris Brogan chrisbrogan Spare a Digg for a really great conference for freelancers? . Stephanie has herself a great show here.
Katherine Gray thisKat Wondering if I’m the only one that thinks it’s GREAT that the Olympics are in China. Will shed much needed light on so much darkness.
Luke Gedeon lgedeon People in authority should be respected even if you do not like them.
Luke Gedeon lgedeon Respect is not personal. It is positional.
Luke Gedeon lgedeon A man who desires to be king should not usurp the current king by force. It sets a bad precedent.
pamslim pamslim oops – correction — it was @DrBaher that pointed me to Twubble. Sorry for the wrong credit bro!
pamslim pamslim Just checked out Twubble… via @Scobleizer and it was way cool! Good if you are new to Twitter
Hilary Mason hmason Tonight I learned that writing code and watching LOTR are incompatible activities. Am now renaming variables.
Stanislav Shalunov shalunov Hackers despise PHP because it makes webdev too easy for hoi polloi. Lexical scope and metaprogramming are just pretenses.

One response to “Sunday Snippets 2008-04-13

  1. Luke, now that you know that Marc was using the same message in several different blogs on posts with the keyword, “customer service,” does that change your opinion as to whether Marc’s original comment was spam or not?

    I also think your advice about avoiding negative blog posts is important to bear in mind, being constantly negative probably does not do much for your credibility, being constructive does.

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