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I am looking for someone to help me speed up a Joomla 1.0.13 website with Virtuemart. This site has a lot of images, but seems to even load text slowly. One of the main spots we need to speed up, oddly enough, is the administrator control panel. We have one person responsible for a lot of data entry, and the edit pages are loading really slow.

The site loads faster (but not fast enough) in Firefox 3 on a Mac, but crawls on a PC with IE7. Yes, I know that Firefox is faster on everything, but until I can get the world to switch, can you help me with a speed up?

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Update: I am switching this site over to WordPress. It has better options for caching, also sorting and a bunch of other stuff. I had 3 hr cache under Joomla and it still wasn’t working.

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18 responses to “Joomla Virtuemart Site Speed-up

  1. I have an image gallery powered by Joomla. I recommend you to optimize all your images for the web, most should come in at under 10kb. This will reduce your overall page size and mean that users on a slower connection can visit your site faster.

  2. hmm looks interesting

  3. General question about Joomla – is it appropriate for smaller/newer blogs… i.e. do they have enough content to warrant content management? Or is this more for larger websites where administration of the content is becoming unwieldly?

    • JCL,

      Joomla would work for even a smallish blog. It is very scalable, but since writing this post I have found even more problems and things I do not like about Joomla. At the same time, WordPress has grown even more powerful and easier to use. I have been using WordPress for years as a blog but am just now starting to see all the other things it can do.

      For blogging there is absolutely nothing better than WordPress. I am also experimenting with WordPress to see if it works in other scenarios. It makes a really great CMS, forum, and gallery, and it looks like it can handle event calendars, shopping carts, online catalogs, social networks, corporate webpages with maps and all the bells and whistles, contact databases, gtd system, and just about any other type of site.

  4. I know that many options exist using wordpress, have you considered that as an option?

    I think wordpress over the next 1 – 2 years will take on the look and feel of a complete CMS solution.



  5. Michael,

    I am switching that site to WordPress within the next month or two. After 2.7 came out I have adopted WP as the 1st option for everything. Thanks for reminding me to update this post.

  6. how can I add more pictures in VM?

  7. joomla rulze,

    Not sure what you are asking here, but there is only one picture per product. That picture is thumbnailed and used in category pages.

    You can add additional pictures in the body of the product description but they are only visible if someone looks at the product detail.

    If I have totally missed the point of your question please let me know.

  8. yes joomla rulez, you can add more pictures in VirtueMart.

    it’s on the product administration details.

    take a look at

    you can even use ‘flypage’ template for better pictures presentation.

  9. sapewady,

    Cool demo. Hey if you have time, a screen shot of the product administration details where you set this up, might really help joomla rulz and others to see how this is done. If you do not have a convenient place to post it, you can send it to me at my name at

  10. Caching is essential. I need this because my server gets hammered from database calls…CPU overload.

  11. Interesting about the update there, which changes everything (moving from Joomla to WP)! I can’t believe how overlooked caching is by so many template developers. It’s utterly essential in order for a site to be able to scale up in terms of traffic as well as handle traffic spikes. It just makes sense to use caching from a programming point of view instead of rendering pages constantly from database calls when in many cases you just need to do that only when there’s a change to the information being displayed.

  12. It sounds as thought Joomla! cache is dependent on time, and not updates i.e. when an update occurs, the cache is updated (when you mention you had a 3 hour Joomla! cache).

  13. Norton Clipper,

    The cache is supposed to refresh when there is an update but I am not sure that part was working. That didn’t matter as much because the site was not updated frequently. I actually switched to a static page while developing the new WordPress version and it loaded a lot faster. So it was not the images. The only thing I can figure is that is was really slow accessing the database and that it was still accessing the database in spite of the cache. It was apparently only a partial cache.

  14. This is exactly what I was looking for. Joomla is a top notch CMS and this is a perfect example why.

  15. I have always been a big fan of Joomla, however you make a perfect point of why sometimes I just give my clients a wordpress blog if that is all they need. Why make things more complicated than they have to be right? Plus there are some interesting things that wordpress can do with social networks that Joomla can’t.

    Have you tried some of the alternative admin templates out there? I think Joomlapraise has a really good one that is supposed to speed up your control panel.

    Also there are some extensions you can find that promise that. One uses Google’s gears plugin and I also know of some that use AJAX to speed up tasks like publishing multiple items without refreshing the page, etc.

  16. Been using Joomla for 2yrs now and Love it to bits. However after a lot of restraining I finally decided to give wordpress a shot – and must say it has come a long way – I now find myself using WP a lot more – I guess I’m becoming lazy now : )
    .-= Caleb´s last blog ..Latest Joomla News and Special Offers =-.

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