Anybody want a link to their blog?

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Did you know that commenting on my blog will create a link back to your blog that will increase the search engine ranking of your blog? That is not true of every blog you comment on. Many bloggers use a nofollow tag on all links on their site. This keeps them from accidentally helping out spammers but also penalizes all real commenters. As a matter of fact, these days, bloggers have to go out of their way to make sure that the links really do help their commenters.

I have removed the nofollow “feature” from my site. So if you are looking for traffic, I am here for you. But, we can do even better than that.

Free links to your site.

If you will send me a link to your favorite of the posts you have written, I will read it, comment on it and link to it and maybe a few other posts that I like. You can leave the link in a comment on this post or contact me in one of these other ways.

In case you have not figured this out I am doing this for two different reasons:

  1. It increases search engine rank for both of our sites which leads to more traffic which leads to more interesting conversations. Of course, I will still leave a comment for you even if you hit me with a nofollow, because I like receiving comments and am a strong believer that you should do for others what you would appreciate them doing for you.
  2. It helps me get to know you, my readers, a little bit better. I am not that great with stats. I can tell that there are more of you than just the people I know who read my blog, but I cannot figure-out who you are. Chances are high that you have a blog or some other site where you are putting information about yourself and your interests. I would like to read it, because if you are reading my blog we obviously have some interests in common. I want to know more about what we have in common.

Again, No obligations. I just want to get to know you, and send you a little traffic as a gesture of good-will.

So who are you and where (on the web) do you come from?

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12 responses to “Anybody want a link to their blog?

  1. I have been following you on twitter for some time and decided that its worth a shot for you to read my blog. This is a pretty awesome idea. This is latest entry: And here is one of my favorites:

    Hope you enjoy! Thanks for your interest.

  2. I found your blog through Nablopomo. I started my blog recently and am still learning. I like to read the technical stuff that you write. And anything you write about china of course.

    Here is my blog:

    Here is one of my popular blog:

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  4. Mine is a blog about adoption from a birth mother’s perspective and about other stuff too.

    Here’s one of my fav’s about sperm bamk dads

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  6. I don’t need you to visit my blog or anything (because it is just rambles and not really anything too great) but I do think it is pretty cool that you have this link feature installed on your site.

    I really don’t know how I even found your blog, but I have just been clicking around through different post titles and it seems I get more and more out of each article.

    I don’t know if my blog has follow links or not but it does not really matter because the parents of the players aren’t into commenting that much on my little blog anyway.

    see, there I go rambling more…



  7. Timmons,

    You might be surprised at how many of your team and their parents have blogs, or are considering it.

    The main reason links are so important is to make your site easier to find. Your name is all over the web anyway, but if you can get enough people to link to your site then your site will be the first thing that people see when they search for you.

  8. It was fine to see such an article

  9. i love this blog.. thanks for sharing..

  10. What a generous offer! Once in awhile, I come across something that seems so against the grain. When everyone is competing for traffic, you are offering to help. LOVE it! Many blessings. Here’s my most recent post:
    .-= Carol´s last blog ..How To Handle Stressful Events Without Overeating =-.

  11. Thank you, you not only remover no-follow bu also added top commenters plug-in, which along with great content makes it a pleasure to coment here!

    thanks this is a great site these are just a few of mine,most sites just want and they never give. My daughter is in the navy and she had her first baby.

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