Anybody want a link to their blog?

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Did you know that commenting on my blog will create a link back to your blog that will increase the search engine ranking of your blog? That is not true of every blog you comment on. Many bloggers use a nofollow tag on all links on their site. This keeps them from accidentally helping out spammers but also penalizes all real commenters. As a matter of fact, these days, bloggers have to go out of their way to make sure that the links really do help their commenters.

I have removed the nofollow “feature” from my site. So if you are looking for traffic, I am here for you. But, we can do even better than that.

Free links to your site.

If you will send me a link to your favorite of the posts you have written, I will read it, comment on it and link to it and maybe a few other posts that I like. You can leave the link in a comment on this post or contact me in one of these other ways.

In case you have not figured this out I am doing this for two different reasons:

  1. It increases search engine rank for both of our sites which leads to more traffic which leads to more interesting conversations. Of course, I will still leave a comment for you even if you hit me with a nofollow, because I like receiving comments and am a strong believer that you should do for others what you would appreciate them doing for you.
  2. It helps me get to know you, my readers, a little bit better. I am not that great with stats. I can tell that there are more of you than just the people I know who read my blog, but I cannot figure-out who you are. Chances are high that you have a blog or some other site where you are putting information about yourself and your interests. I would like to read it, because if you are reading my blog we obviously have some interests in common. I want to know more about what we have in common.

Again, No obligations. I just want to get to know you, and send you a little traffic as a gesture of good-will.

So who are you and where (on the web) do you come from?

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