Ask Luke: What is MyBlogLog?

Tabetha, who just wrote an interesting post on parking, asked me today what MyBlogLog was. I am sure several of you are wondering the same thing.

It is something that lets you see who is visiting your site even if they do not leave comments. It only works if they are logged into MyBlogLog, of course. So it pretty much only shows you other bloggers that visit, since they are most likely to have a MyBlogLog account.

Other bloggers are the most interesting readers anyway, because they are most likely to keep the conversation going, and blogging is pretty boring when it is only one-way. Of course, anyone can join, and some people have become quite famous just by commenting on other people’s blogs.

Speaking of getting to know your readers, I still want to hear from you. I am giving away free-links to the site/post of your choice as an incentive for you telling me a little more about you. What more can I offer? Candy? Ok, tell me what kind you like and give me a link where I can go read a little about you.

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