Marcus makes WordPress / Google Reader history

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Marcus of acidchaos recently built a widget for WordPress that lets you take the blogs you are subscribed to in Google Reader and put them on your blog as a blogroll.

Actually, Steve Lacey of Google started this on 20% time, but it was not quite easy enough to go mainstream. You had to go to the widget building page, choose colors, copy several lines of code, create a text widget, and paste the code. It got even worse if you had multiple folders you wanted to share because you had to repeat the whole process over again. And since you are sticking them inside text widgets it gets difficult to tell which is which. Note: I had several other text widgets with code in them also.

That’s where Marcus came in. He created a seperate widget specifically for the Google Reader blogroll. All you have to do is paste a link (no code) and then you choose the colors inside the widget. So if you ever change your mind on the color it is easy to switch. The only thing lacking at that point was an easy way to share multiple folders.

I emailed Marcus last night to get his thoughts on adding multiple folders. I honestly expected to have to make the changes myself, (the unwritten rule of open source – you want a feature? write it.) but I wanted to get his thoughts on which way to do it. Four hours later he sent back a reply that he had made the change! Thanks, Marcus!

You can get this really cool widget at:

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28 responses to “Marcus makes WordPress / Google Reader history

  1. Awesome! I’ll definitely give this one a try. Thanks!

  2. That is heard so good, but one we must to remind that the widget hoped not too heavy.

  3. this sounds interesting.. i might give this one a try..

  4. Really cool widget..I downloaded ..Thanks for sharing..

  5. Thanks for this widget..I’ll use it..

  6. I also started to prepare a widget like this too. But couldn’t find enough time to complete. I want to thank all the people who put effort in it.

  7. emrinho,

    I just released my first plug-in recently. It is pretty exciting to give back to the community.

  8. Really cool widget..I downloaded ..Thanks for sharing..

  9. All,

    I am glad you enjoyed it, and I am thrilled that you stopped for a second to comment! I really appreciate hearing from all of you.

  10. Looks like a cool widget, guess i have to try it out

  11. All I have read lately is WordPress is great, great, great from everywhere. I personally use Blogger but am thinking I need to pull my finger out and get involved.

  12. expandable,

    WordPress is great but Blogger is not bad either. I would say, stick with Blogger if you are doing it mostly for friends and family and fun. It is easy and uses the same log-in as the rest of your google stuff.

    WordPress is better if you plan to blog professionally or if you want it to look a certain way. But with great power comes great responsibility. WordPress’ extra features take a little extra time to learn how to use.

  13. Thanks for the article its looks like nice

  14. I love wordpress because you can tailor almost anything on it. Im talking .org not .com

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  16. Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely have to check that out for my blog.

  17. You have a good work in creating that widgets. I hope I can put it in my blogger blog

    Thanks for sharing

  18. WOW, what a nice widget, I’m going to try it on some of my blogs, thanks.

  19. This wiget is awesome! Need to add it my semiologic wordpress.

  20. Thanks Marcus. Awesome Widget!

  21. Here’s one that has a lot more customization over the output:

  22. Wow, that is really cool! I’ve been on blogger for a long time but I’m thinking that I’m going to have to switch over to WordPress. Plus, I’ve heard a lot of good things about WordPress and Blogger is sometimes frustrating with how structured it is. Thanks for the tip!

  23. WordPress is the only blog platform to use in my opinion. Open source is great for developers and thank goodness we have them. Thanks to Markus for the changes.


  24. I like this idea very much. I will see how it works in a few weeks. Please keep bring up these new systems for all to benefit from.


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