My favorite smells

This post is my contribution to Tabetha’s Group Writing Project. The due date is tomorrow, so if you are going to participate you need to move quick.

My favorite smell is my wife’s ginger lily perfume. We spent many hours spread over several days shortly after we got married looking for a special perfume that my picky nose would like. I have smelled flowers that I liked on a few rare occasions, but for the most part flowers, the definition of a beautiful aroma, do not smell good to me. The perfume that we discovered, rose above that trend, and I discovered a new favorite. The funny thing is that we had smelled other things that were also called ginger lily but I did not like them, so this particular item was pretty special.

Closely related to this smell is one that is supposedly universally popular among men, but rarely liked by women – the smell of cotton candy. This is the also the smell of marshmallows, icing, and other very sweet things. I like very rich sweets, and I love the smell that goes with them.

Sometimes, I like the smell of the air, but I am not sure if it is always just the smell that I am noticing. I like the smell and the feel of the air on a cool day near the ocean. I like the smell right before, during, and after a snow fall. I like the smell of a brisk, windy, day in spring or fall.

I love the smell of chocolate, tea, and coffee. I don’t like the taste of coffee but it sure does smell good. One of my favorite flavored teas is hazelnut. I also like the smell of steak, hamburger, onions, lemons, and oranges.

What are you favorite smells? Post them and send a link to Tabetha or just type it in her comments.

Have fun!

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  2. It’s prob way too late to help Tabetha now, but here goes. I def like the smell of spicy teas (i.e.-chai, pumpkin latte’s.) They evoke a warmth and coziness that I associate with autumn that I absolutely love. I live in new york city, arguable one the stinkiest places in the country, and one thing i can’t get enough of is the meat cooking on the carts on the streets. The lamb and chicken!! Oh! I get instantly hungry when I walk by. I just love the smell of cooking in general…my mom’s house on a holiday. All the smells mingling in the air…the onions,peppers, and sage in the dressing…the turkey, the sugar and spices in the yams. Love it. I guess to sum it all up, I like smelling food. lol. For the longest time I couldn’t smell a lot of things because I have horrible sinus and allergy issues, but after doing some sinus rinses, the world of smell is brand new and I’m lovin it.

    ps-Luke, can you please send me the download for office 2008? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a million!

  3. fleez,

    I don’t think you are too late to join the favorite smells conversation. Your comment is proof positive that people do go back and read the old posts. When they do, your comment will be here to inspire and entertain. I will let Tabetha know about it too. Thanks for joining it was a fun read.

    ps-Sure thing, I will be sending you OpenOffice 3.0 (released in 2008) in a few minutes.

  4. I love this post because it’s both interesting and way different!! My favorite smells… yes, I’d have to say there’s nothing like walking through an orchid and smellin fruit about to be picked!! I worked on a farm for awhile, and I’ll never forget that wonderful smell of freshly picked fruit!!! Top post 🙂

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