For the non-techs 2008-10-10

I just posted a mind-numbing, super-techy post a few minutes ago and to the best of my knowledge most of my readers are non-tech. To make up for that I am going to share a few pictures that popped up in Zemanta right after I posted.

Butterscotch World

Image by Kuzeytac via Flickr

places (sunrise)

Image by giancarlo rado via Flickr

As Night Falls

Image by stuart.mundy via Flickr

Teluk Bahang Beach, Penang

Image by Mohd Saifulnazim Azman via Flickr

The beauty

Image by nixam via Flickr

ilmenau bei lueneburg

Image by manfred-hartmann via Flickr

In case you are wondering why I would post something so techy on a blog that usually tries to make tech easy, I did it because this is my only blog for now (more about that later) and I needed somewhere to put a bunch of info that will be helpful to other people (geeks) and will probably help me later too. Are we still friends?

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