So what do you think about the Wen Jiabao interview?

Talking To A Brick Wall

Feel like you are talking to a brick wall?

Yesterday, I posted a rather long excerpt from an interview with Wen Jiabao, as a matter of fact I have posted several thought-heavy posts in the last few weeks. So, instead of hitting you with more to think about, I am going set aside today to focus on your thoughts and opinions.

Tell me what you think about some of these topics and I will do a round-up post on Monday (tomorrow is Sunday Snippets). You can comment on any of the other posts or you can comment on this one. I will go round them all up.

By the way, you can also post anonymously, if you want to. I think the name and email form are set-up as required fields but I don’t mind at all if you type “anonymous” as your name, and the email address is hidden anyway. I would appreciate if you used a real email address because that helps me control spam but I will not block you even if you do not.

Is there anything else that keeps you from commenting more often? If there is anything I can do to make it easier, please let me know. I really want to hear from you. Oh! If you cannot figure out how to comment click here and pick an alternate method of contact.

Here are some of the more thought-heavy recent posts, but you can comment on any post. All recent comments show up under the “COMMENTS” tab over there on the right. Click on it and check it out.

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Guest Post by Charles Pierce: Financial Crisis and ERE

Let them eat cake

Democracy the solution to all life’s problems?

Should we fire everyone that caused the Great Crash of 2008?

One other thought. If you want to post off topic, this is a great place to do it. I want to hear from you no matter what you want to talk about. Instead of trying to find the perfect place to say it, just say it here.

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3 responses to “So what do you think about the Wen Jiabao interview?

  1. “Is there anything else that keeps you from commenting more often? ”

    The complexity of some issues requires more enagement on my part to make a case for the viewpoint I may hold on a particular issue, than I have may have at the time. For example, the recent economics posts are interesting, and I have some dissagreements, but I do not have time to make a proper arguement. However, since history does repeat itself, I am sure the issue will come up again and I may have the time to make my case, or not.


  2. So giving you a day to stop and think was a good idea after all.

  3. More like 2 or 3 minutes. I have an office I clean I nights a week, the last 3 Saturdays were tied up with weddings, Jon Marc’s, one Ruth got paid for last week, and Brian E’s yesterday. Next weekend I am going to Memphis to help with a move, then coming back to help another friend do some work on his shop. I have held off on blogging to work on a request from another friend from 10 years ago. Hopwfully, when that is done, I will have a bit more time.

    I think that I have nearly 2000 unread posts in my RSS feeder, and what few blogs I try to keep up with, are in my IE Mobile history. The great thing about my phone is that I can check the web before I get up or before I go to bed.

    Not only is this the most I have written online in a few weeks, it was written on my phone. Back to the rat race…..

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