Do you have any idea what I am talking about?

The other day I was explaining the facts of life to my almost 3-year-old. No, not those facts… come on guys. Facts like, “I am way bigger than you, so you are not going to get any dessert until you eat your veggies.” Actually, I do not remember what we were talking about but for several minutes there it seemed like she was really getting it.

We were having a real conversation. Or so I thought.

Just as I thought I had gotten to the point where I had convinced her I had a great idea, she yelled, “No!”

I wish I could remember what I had suggested, but it was not vegetables. It was something she usually liked but we had to do something first. Something she could not understand and I could not explain.

So I asked a different way.


Then I asked, “Do you have any idea what I am talking about?”

She answered honestly, but in a yell that reeked of rebellion, “No!”

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  1. Children are some of my favourite people. If nothing else, you always know where they stand and where you stand with them!

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