One hundred comments on a single post

Brian Shorr over at Word Sell, Inc. has wanted a 100 comment post ever since he was a little kid. I and a few other of his friends decided to see if we could carry the conversation that far.

We could really use your help. Go to and leave a comment or two. Tell them Hith Rith sent you.

Lots of fun comments already. We just need a few more.

If you want 100 comments on your blog let me know. We’ll start a 100 comment party.

In other news, how do you like these pictures? I just had to share!

CATEDRAL/CATHEDRAL. LEÓN (Spain) . (Pulchra Le...

Image by berpala via Flickr

After the Yellowstone Fires

Image by Stuck in Customs via Flickr

Tagle (HDR) Blue version

Image by heegle via Flickr

der sanfte norden ;-)

Image by manfred-hartmann via Flickr

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