Political Activism in the Age of the Internet

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There are very few still alive who remember this, but back in the 1600’s the printing press changed politics forever. More recently radio and TV have had a big impact. Then over the last few years the internet has become more and more influential.

The internet elected the US president this year.

With blogging becoming easier every day and new ways of publishing online starting up all the time, each person has the opportunity to easily publish their own newspaper or start their own TV/radio station. People that know how to use the new web applications have a voice. Those who don’t get the web – are silent.

Does that sound a bit harsh? Maybe you don’t aggree? We will never know, because you do not know how to use your blog or twitter to say so. If you do not know how to talk online, you do not have a voice.

Get a voice. Use your voice.

If you still have not figured out all this tech stuff, you are without excuse. I have offered numerous times to help. Click here for ways to contact me. Okay, now you have a voice, so use it.

If all you use your voice for is to sway the vote you are missing out on the most important aspect of democracy. See, we have the opportunity not only to make ourselves heard once every four years, but throughout the year every year.

It would be tough to find one person to vote for that you agree with all the time. So instead you pick good people that are most likely to listen to you after the election. Then you stay in contact with them throughout the year. Let them know what you think. You can contact your elected officials through many channels, but what has turned out to be most effective way is by using social media.

Tabetha has really become more active politically of late, and is a great example of someone using their voice to promote issues that are important to them. Remember, every vote counts, but every voice counts double. Here are a couple posts as examples:



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4 responses to “Political Activism in the Age of the Internet

  1. I’m definitely no expert but I would say just by observing that a lot of things got Obama elected, including internet (I agree), Bush McCain and most Republicans completely ignoring conservative values, media, unions, and educational system completely in the tank for O, and O’s speaking and fundraising skills.

    As far as voicing our opinions, it’s frustrating, as I’ve contacted my congressmen during the $700+ billion bailout and while we were all some 10 to 1 against it, they ignored us and did it anyway. I am cynical (hopefully temporarily), but you have the right attitude. Good fortune to us all. Thanks for letting me comment.

  2. Ralph, thanks for stopping by. Letting you comment? Are you kidding? I am trilled!

    You have an awesome website, by the way! Maybe I don’t get out much but it does not seem like their are many blogs dedicated to history. May your tribe increase.

  3. I believe that O was a better pick that’s that he was that good either. He was the better choice. I am a Republican and proud of being one, however, Bush did not do anything for the people as he said he would. He fell asleep on his laurels and ran the country straight into the ground.

  4. What does everyone think about Obama now that the dust has settled a bit? I understand that even some Democrats are starting to question him… okay, I was listening to a conservative radio talk show tonight for some wierd reason. They were talking about how the deficit is going to be more than our GDP this year. Is that right? Of course, they blamed it on Obama.
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