Seven Things I am Thankful For – A Thanksgiving Group Writing project

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UPDATE: We are doing this project again this year. Click here for details.

What are you thankful for? Can you name at least 7 things?

Last year, I did one of those meme’s where you tag some people and they tag others. At that point tagging people was getting rather old and out of fashion so it did not get very far. This year, I am going with a much more popular and easier to manage format: the group writing project.

Hear is the project in a nutcase: You write a post on your blog (or whatever you favorite place to put stuff) listing seven things you are thankful for, and I will link to you on Thanksgiving Day. That’s Thursday, November 27th this year. If you are late that is fine. I will keep adding anyone that wants to join, but you will probably get a lot more visitors if you post and send me a link to your post by Wednesday night.

Feel free to add more than seven. I am just giving you a target number to get the creative juices flowing.

To make the list I need to know where you put your list so send me a trackback or contact me using one of these methods. So make your list, encourage everyone you know to participate, and then come-back on Thanksgiving to read everyone else’s list.

I look forward to reading your list.

Have fun!

18 responses to “Seven Things I am Thankful For – A Thanksgiving Group Writing project

  1. Can you send a reminder about this next week? I would set up a “Web Slice” in my IE RSS, but you Twitter feed on the right does not seem to be compatable.

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  3. Paul,

    What day would be best for the reminder?

    To subscribe to my twitter feed try going directly to twitter by clicking on the More updates… link and see if that works.

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  5. I think that as a college student we have to survive any which way. This year I give thanks to God for everything I have.

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  7. Hi Luke, my blog’s kind of busy this week, so I tweeeted mine instead, from here

    If I get the chance I might pop them into a post that’s going out on Thursday too.

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  10. Hi Luke,

    I wrote mine on twitwall:

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  15. Hi Luke! i joined your group writing challenge here:

    Happy thanksgiving to you + your family!

  16. I have a wife and 6 kids. That makes 7 things right there. It’s all about family.

  17. I am grateful to still be alive. And, not just alive, but healthy, active and happy. Family is important, and so are friends. Live long and happy by being a good person and following the golden rule.

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