Seven Things I’m Thankful For – Group Writing Project Results

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UPDATE: We are doing this project again this year. Click here for details.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

The big day is finally here. Over the last week, my friends from all over the internet and I have been putting together lists of seven things we are thankful for.

Today I am putting together a list of all of the posts that have been written so far, and over the weekend, I will be adding any others that I can find.

If you have a list of thankfulness in you, put it anywhere on the web (even in the comments here). Then make sure I know about it. (go to my about page for several ways to contact me).

Here is the list so far. Go read each and be sure to take a look at the comments too. There is gold in them there comments.

Be thankful for social media connections by Joanna Young of Confident Writing

7 Things I’m Thankful For by Brad Shorr of Word Sell, Inc.

The seven things I am thankful for by Ulla Henning of Ulla Hennig’s Weblog

Seven Things I Am Thankful For – A Writing Project by Robert Hruzek of Middle Zone Musings

Count Your Blessings by Caleb Jones of Something Witty

Seven Things I’m Thankful For by Lilly Ammann of A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye

Seven of Many by Tabetha Gedeon of Denim & Silk

Five Footholds by Rika Susan of Best Juicing

Cloud of Negativity by Pete Wilson of without wax

Project: Seven Things I’m Thankful For by Scott of The Ever-Changing Thought

Thanksgiving by Brunettekoala of Musings of a Koala

Seven Things I Am Thankful For – Thanksgiving 2008 by Luke Gedeon of Luke Gedeon’s Blog

Thanksgiving by Meg Stivison of Simpson’s Paradox

Thank You! by Nikki Rose of Inspiration Speak

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4 responses to “Seven Things I’m Thankful For – Group Writing Project Results

  1. Luke, thanks again for providing this opportunity to express gratitude. I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving.

    On a lighter note, a question for Robert — is it “them there” or “them thar”? 🙂

  2. Great idea this was, Luke! Thanks for organizing it.

  3. Thank you for the link!

  4. brunettekoala,

    My pleasure. Thanks for joining in.

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