Sunday Snippets 2008-11-30


Today is the last day of the Annual NaBloPoMo challenge, and guess what. I made it. Tabetha did too. It is not as big of a deal for me since I have been going for more than a year, but this is Tabetha’s first whole month. It is kind of neat that she started with a nearly full October and then went to every day in November, which is exactly what I did last year. Congrats, Tabetha!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Actually, his birthday was a couple of days ago, but this seemed like a more appropriate post to put the greeting in.

Quote of the Week

Phillip: What?! I ate onions?! I guess I like onions then!

– from: Eater of Onions

Comments left around the world:

Cool! This could really help enforcement. You can just look at the map each morning and go fill the gaps.

– on: New iPhone Apps Help Drivers Beat Speed Traps


tweetmeme @lgedeon 26 November 2008 Mumbai attacks – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
lekhni @lgedeon that’s true, they could get way more info from twitter on their mobiles. Although, somehow, I doubt they are the tweeting type 😉
Luke Gedeon
lgedeon @ukmac so your project list is just a reminder to assign a new N/A if the previous one is complete, but every doable stuff should have a N/A
Luke Gedeon
lgedeon @ukmac If it takes < 2min do it now. if more, assign a next action. If it takes more than one action it is also goes on the project list
Scott Paterson
ukmac @lgedeon Will keep at it… Hopefully it will start to click… Cheers
Scott Paterson
ukmac @lgedeon Thanks for this. this first collection is the hardest as it takes practice to spot what are next actions and what are projects
Luke Gedeon
lgedeon @ukmac Then if the NextAct you identified doesnt complete the project, list the project with others on a long term list to review regularly
Luke Gedeon
lgedeon @ukmac here is a quick workflow – I’ll add that anything that is do able must have a next action.
Luke Gedeon
lgedeon @ukmac Collection stage gets it all in the inbox. More to come – this chart will help
Scott Paterson
ukmac @lgedeon next actions and projects. Is this what “collection” phase should result in ?
Scott Paterson
ukmac @lgedeon Collection… Ihave a big list of stuff, some I think are projects and some next actions. Do you go through “stuff” and split into
Luke Gedeon
lgedeon Fascinating! Wikipedia news in great position to replace MSM for immediacy AND authority: see #mumbai
Luke Gedeon
lgedeon @abhi2point0 Yes they definitely can be considered equivalent. Of course, a quote does not make it true – it just reflects a perspective.
Luke Gedeon
lgedeon So Google went live with the user feed-back on search results. I didn’t even notice. My web-usage has change a lot in the last year.
Luke Gedeon
lgedeon What is americorps?
Luke Gedeon
lgedeon I saw a girl riding a bike side-saddle today.

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