The Battle of Mumbai

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Wednesday evening (morning here in the US), terrorists started a battle spread across the city of Mumbai, India. Some of the early targets of the terrorist, were 5-star hotels in Mumbai. They would ask to see people’s passport and then kill or capture the British and Americans. Later they started attacking Jews.

Two days later, they still have hostages and the fighting continues. For a terrorist attack, this is huge. The death toll, currently about 150, is significantly less than the 9/11 attacks, but this group has caused hundreds of explosions, taken some very powerful hostages (including Members of the European Parliment), and remain mostly uncaptured for two days. They have setup command centers inside two of the hotels, and have been described as well organized and calm.

Mumbai, formally known as Bombay, is the financial capital and largest city of India. It is also the world’s largest city based on population inside city-limits. If you include the surrounding urban area of other cities it falls to 13th, but still bigger than Shanghai, Paris, and London, It is also the home of many internet companies.

I have intentionally kept this post short since there are plenty of online sources for up-to-date details. I just wanted to give you a quick summary of what has been happening if you had not heard yet. Of course, if you are reading this it means you are part of the online world and probably already aware… but just in case, here are a few sources you can look at.

Twitter has become quite famous for people live-reporting events well in advance of MSM. It was funny seeing tweople talking about CNN’s coverage of “Weather forecasts and commercials” hours after the attacks. You can watch new reports come in live at

Wikipedia has a page dedicated to these attacks at

There is also a Google map showing where each attack occured.

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