What's next from Gmail?

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Google has been doing some really neat things with Gmail. Some of them useful, others just for fun.

Today they added themes. Honestly, this feature has no practical use, but does make gmail more fun to use. They have been working on adding functionality for a long time. It is neat that they get to spend some time on looks.

Recently they added an option to include the calendar and docs in the side bar, and they added video chat, which is pretty cool. You can find even more options in labs.

What do think they will add next?

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8 responses to “What's next from Gmail?

  1. I like Gmail a lot but I think that there should be an interface that runs on both Mac and Windows. The main reason for this is because it is better to work locally and preserve my own emails on my systems disk. Moreover I think that if you could include additional functionality such as calendaring and appointments this would work super.

  2. I am little more concerned about my system going down or getting stolen than Google’s whole system of thousands . I do plan to back them all up on a different system, though, when I get chance.

  3. I like using the google products for the portability they provide. I can access my email, to do lists, documents, and calendars from a variety of locations without having to bring my computer.

    They have begun integrating all their products together with the homepage and also now in gmail itself – this means less windows to have open and eliminates the need for several bookmarks to their various products (good job google!)

    I think next they’ll expand out to include more portable features, including bookmark tracking (or do they already have this and I’ve missed it?)


  4. Debbi, yep they have bookmarks too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Oh & I hear there’s a possibility to get Free Office 2008 for the Mac …. might I request one? That would be awesome! Google Docs is good for on the run, but having an office program on my Macbook would be just as great =) NeoOffice and OpenOffice have their benefits but also their quirks!

    Thanks! =)


  6. Actually a few months back I made fun of a bogus offer on a spam site, and in that post I offered anybody that wanted it, a copy of OpenOffice for free. Quite a few people misread my offer as referring to MS Office.

    Have you tried OpenOffice 3.0 yet? It is a big improvement on the 2.x series.

  7. Haha – just read through your WHOLE post again. Tricky, tricky. Why’d you say MICROSOFT OFFICE if that’s not what you meant? Yeah. Not cool ๐Ÿ˜› A good joke though.

  8. I was not trying to be tricky. Did not even intend as a joke originally. Was totally blind-sided by how many people did not read the whole post.

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