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The President of the United States is arguably the most powerful person on earth. He has direct impact on the largest economy in the world, plus indirect (but very strong) influence over most other economies. He controls that strongest military/police force on earth, and he controls the funds of the most powerful NGO’s in the world.

As a matter of fact the only “big” thing he does not control is the Media. And that my friend, is the weak link. The one who controls Mainstream Media (MSM) controls the world. Even the blogosphere, which claims to be the sworn enemy of MSM has totally surprised and disappointed me in its alignment with MSM.

It is the Media that chooses the President and other elected officials.

Think about it. How do you find out what the candidates believe? How do you decide what issues are important? The Media gives you an “un-biased” report on who believes what and highlights the key issues for you. Some bloggers do independent research (I think) but most of them just echo stuff they have heard and talk about the way a speech makes them feel.

Newsflash: Speeches and debates are scripted.

You cannot judge a candidate based on their speeches. These are written by people who watch the Media and write exactly what they think the Media wants to hear. If the first speech misses, the Media will retrain them to do better the next time. The Media chooses which speeches to air in their entirety and after the speech the Media picks the important parts to play over and over again. They critique the speech and tell the candidates what they should have said. The smart speech-writer listens and heeds their advise. The ones that ignore this “helpful” advice… lose.

Media in the middle

So the Media represents the people to the government and the government to the people. They are communicator and arbiter of truth between the government and the people and between groups of people. Do you know what the radical right or the liberal left believe and why they believe that? Of course you do! You watched a documentary on them and now you know all about them and why they are so weird, but that is another post. Come on you know better than to believe a documentary, right? Anybody can make a documentary to say what ever they want and make it look really legit, but you are only going to see the ones the Media wants you to see.

A government of the people, by the people…

I read somewhere in some obscure article or something that the United States was intended to be a government of the people by the people and for the people. The “for the people” part will not happen until the “of the people, by the people” part happens. It is the people of the United States that make the President irrelavent. If the people are an active part of the government like they are supposed to be, the government will be great. If the people get lazy and think their only responsibility is to vote, the nation will start to crumble despite the best efforts of the President.

So this country is going to be run by the Media or by the people. Which one are you going to pick?

Note: This is my entry for Robert Hruzek’s What I Learned From… groupwrite project. The topic this month is what I’ve learned about the topic of “Government”.

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6 responses to “WILF – Government: The President is Irrelevant

  1. Your very last sentence says it all, Luke: lazy voters. *sigh* When the voters actually start questioning what they hear instead of just accepting what they’re told… So many questions did not get answered this time because the media refused to either ask them, or pass on the answers.

    Hey, thanks for participating again this month, Luke!

  2. “It is the Media that chooses the President and other elected officials.”

    This is what we call the money quote.

    Bingo. That statement is more true in this election cycle than ever. 8 years ago, the media lost the election with the win by GWB. As in this cycle, Mc Cain was the media’s favorite Republican.

    Mc Cain is done. He really can’t make another viable run, although he may try. Hopefully, this sends a message to the country club, blue blood Republicans: Don’t run candidates that are not real conservatives. Run solid, consistant conservatives, and conservatives will come out in droves to vote.

    Hopefully the era of the “big tent” party is over. It is not a winning strategy.

  3. Uhm… Paul? the Media picked Bush too.

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  6. Thanks Luke, I was interested in your notion of media in the middle. It’s been an interesting round – and hopefully will lead us forward now.

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