Does a website count as a homemade Chrismas gift?

Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web Design
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Tabetha is doing a group writing project on homemade Christmas gifts. This is my contribution to the project.

Do you have a website that needs updated? Do you have website/blog at all? If your are needing a new or upgraded website, why have you not gone ahead and done it yet? Because it takes time, right? Wouldn’t it be great if someone would just do it for you?

If you take a look at my site you will notice it needs some work too. I am thinking that a site upgrade or a new site would make an excellent homemade Christmas gift. What do you think?

I guess a website would be about as useless to some as a craft that sits on a shelf or hangs on a wall would be to me. It helps to know your audience. But, let’s pretend we are talking about a gift for a geek. Is web-design a good gift? Any other ideas for homemade geek gifts?

[Update] One other great gift idea that even a non-geek could give a geek is to go comment on a lot of their posts.

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10 responses to “Does a website count as a homemade Chrismas gift?

  1. I say for sure, yes! My husband has built a couple of sites for me over the years. I find this gift to be extraordinarily sweet.

  2. A re-design/upgrade is a fantastic gift idea.

    Or even perhaps the purchase of a premium theme?

  3. Thanks, may God Bless you

  4. I like the idea very much!

  5. When you are home I will give you your Christmas gift of a site face lift

  6. Absolutely cool and very creative idea!!! Thanks!

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  8. Why not. I made a blog with a custom design as a present once. It worked!

  9. A website is a great idea for a gift.

    from a very biased web designer : )

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