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Wordpress.com Christmas 2005
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WordPress, the best blog software ever, just went 2.7! In case you are wondering, this is the biggest release ever. The new version is loaded with new features, and makes it much easier to pick the features you want and hide everything you do not want or need.

If they had a marketing team, this release would be version 3.0 – it is that big of a deal! They don’t need a marketing team though because the software is so awesome it markets itself.

If you are using WordPress.com, you do not have to do anything but enjoy the new software. If you are self-hosted, you will need to upgrade. This post will help. If you need more help than that, let me know. I would be thrilled to help you make the transition.

In the mean-time I will be going though a list of over 300 plugins that I want to test.

Help me out a bit here. Which features are you most interested in? I want to review plugins that add those features first.

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12 responses to “WordPress 2.7 is here

  1. The 2.7 version number was a choice made by Matt Mullenweg from what I understand. While its the biggest release in sometime and certainly worthy of a 3.0 version, he doesn’t believe in version inflation.

  2. Yeah he has mentioned version inflation several times, but since he is not going to make a big deal out of this version, I am trying to make up for it. 🙂

  3. After spending an hour trying to figure out the new format, I want find a new host, and use WP from 2 versions ago. I was not impressed with the last update, and have no idea what is actually better about this one, at least on the WP hosted side. As far as I can tell, the only change there is the interface. Can you explain how this is actually better than what they had before?

  4. Paul,

    List the things in 2.5 through 2.7 that you do not like and I will show you how to change them with a few clicks.

    That is the power of 2.7 – you can make it work the way you want, on the admin side not just the public side. You can remove any part of the dashboard or write page that you do not use, and give yourself more room to work.

    There are several other things I could mention, but lets start with your list. Tell me everything about WordPress that you would like to change.

  5. I do not see that the public side has been affected, so I will leave that alone. My problem is on the Admin side.

    1) Get rid of the left side navigation. Put it back on top. Also, let me choose if I want the drop down menu or not.

    2) Let me configure the stats window. Only the chart in needed in the stats window. The rest of it belongs in a different window label.

    3) The “Top Posts”, “Top Searches”, and “Most Active” headings provide no context. What length of time is being used? Why do I not have the option of changing the length of time? Better yet, can I just get them off the stats window?

    4) After I sign in, when I click on the blog I want to manage, can I just go straight to the stats page, and skip the dashboard page? The stats page is really the only page I need to access on a regular basis anyway.

    5) Unrelated, but for extra credit: Can I download previous versions of WP, and get my own host, or does WP get rid of previous versions when they change?

  6. 6) I rarely use this function, but when I do, it is enough of a pain that I no longer mess with it. Fix the Widgets page. Drag and Drop is cool, but my problem is that when I add a widget, I think I need to save the widget before I alter the settings of that widget, and then after I alter the settings of the widget, sometimes I have to save the widget settings, then the settings on the widget page, and then hope that it all takes. This has yet to be user friendly since WP 2.5. The previous method of drag and drop worked quite well. It was one of my favorite features in WP prior to 2.5.

    7) This one I had problems with even before 2.5. What alternative is there to the flash player that WP hosted blogs will allow? I want to put up my own content. There were also some flash tools I wanted to add during the election. Don’t need them now, but it would be nice in 2 or 4 years to have available. Not a big deal, but it would be nice.

  7. Paul,

    I had a few questions on some items:

    1. Is the issue here familiarity or screen space?

    2. Are you talking about the stats section of the dashboard or the full stats page?

    7. Could you give me a couple of examples of the content you wanted to add?

  8. 1) The primary issue is funtionality, the secondary issue is screen space. The function problem is with my phone. I can surf the internet, but, like all Mobile browsers, there is not the full function of a desktop browser. It was quite easy to get around on my phone, but adding the drop down menu on the left inreases the time it takes for me to check stats on my phone.

    I have 17 in monitors on my desktop, but now I have to go through the trouble of retraining my eyes to find what I am looking for. It took several weeks with the last update to make that adjustment, and I have little time or desire to make adjustments that I cannot justify. Also, If I have my RSS feeder opened, everything shifts to the right, and the dashboard is even more squashed than in 2.5. And 2.7, even when I have the RSS feeder off, the window maximized, the resolution high, and the font small, the stat graph still has up/down, and left/right scroll bars. I did not have that problem even in 2.5.

    2) The Dashboard. All I want to see of the stats on the Dashboard is the graph, without the scroll bars. The missing context for the other information makes the rest of that section of the stats part of the Dashboard useless to me. On the stats page itself, it looks the same, though I was too frustrated at the time to get into it in detail. I spent too much time looking for it, I had to move on to important things. It did not appear that WP had messed with the stats page itself, but the devil is in the details.

    7) music. I have seen the some flash players, and I think I played with one or two, but WP blocks flash content. WP hosted blogs are blocked anyway. Not a big deal. They block the flash stuff for very good reasons. The election related content was poll tracking stuff. Mostly to see which candidate was polling better on the internet.

    None of the changes I have seen thus far seem to be worth the effort. They have complicated what I do with the admin side. How are the changes they made improvement? I really do want to know.

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  10. Does anybody know where a good place to go for WordPress plugins? Also, how can WordPress be updated? I assume it is a server side thing and since I do not have control of that I need to tell the person who does what I want. Thanks guys. computer repair 90066

  11. You can get the new version from WordPress.org or you can use the method described here: http://miahz.com/2008/11/upgraded-to-wordpress-27/

    After upgrading Click on “Add new” under the plugins menu and you will find more plugins than you could ever use.

    If you check back in a few days I hope to have some suggestions on which ones of these are useful.

  12. Well this is old news now but I just had to say that I am so glad for the advances they have made with the new wordpress upgrades and versions. makes blogging and upkeep so much easier. It just keeps getting better and better.

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