Super Bowl Results 2009

A special welcome to all the new visitors to this site. I don’t normally talk about sports, but the Super Bowl is a pretty big event here in the US. Today’s post is about that big event, but after that, I will go back to talking about a much bigger event, the transformation of China into a democratic society that respects freedom of speech and human rights.

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Short Story: The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals 27 – 23

That’s no surprise looking at the statistics, but watching the actual game progress, it did not seem so inevitable. For the first three quarters the Steelers were ahead and nobody was surprised, but in the fourth, things got interesting.  More about that in a minute. First, in case you did not know:

Super Bowl XLIII (pronounced fourty-three), was played today in Tampa, Florida starting at 6pm Eastern and finished up around 10pm.

The two teams in the Super Bowl this year were:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers (as in the metal “steel” not theft “steal” with an “a”)
    • Black, white and yellow uniforms
  • Arizona Cardinals
    • – Red and white uniforms

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a slightly stronger team and coach, but the Arizona Cardinals did not make it to the Super Bowl without being a very strong team too. They have beaten stronger teams this season and almost did it again.

At the start of fourth quarter, the Pittsburgh Steelers had a comfortable 20-7 lead. A little too comfortable. A safety (first in 18 years to happen at the Super Bowl) and two touchdowns later the Arizona Cardinals were ahead 23 – 20 with only 2 minutes left.

At this point, Peter was ready to switch teams. I told him it was too late for our competition because you are not allowed to switch after the first playoff game starts. I also told him that if he switched teams when the going was tough, the team in the lead would not want him anyway.

It really did look like the Pittsburgh Steelers were in serious trouble, but they put their last two minutes to good use, got a final touchdown and won the game. This was their sixth time to win the Super Bowl. Only two other teams (San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys) have made it to five, so that is a pretty big record. Update from Dan: In the first half, the Steelers made the longest defensive touch down in Superbowl history. That’s a record that won’t be topped for a while. It was a 100-yard run!

As far as I know, those are the highlights of the game. If you are a fan and you think some other facts about the game are must-know-so-you-don’t-embarrass-yourself material, please let us know in the comments. Otherwise, hopefully after reading this post you will be prepared to participate in the only conversation to be found in or near the US for the next week or so.

Have Fun!

Pittsburgh Steelers helmet
Image via Wikipedia
Arizona Cardinals helmet
Image via Wikipedia

11 responses to “Super Bowl Results 2009

  1. Luke, Your photos made me think about how cool the Steeler helmets are. The logo is on one side only, the other side being completely black. I think that is unique in the NFL. On the other hand, those determined little birds on the Cardinal helmets really creep me out. I’m not sure what impact any of this will have on the outcome of the game, but you have to give a helmet nod to Pittsburgh.

  2. In the First half the Steelers made the Longest defensive touch down in Superbowl history

  3. Dan,

    Thanks, I will add that.

  4. The new Star Trek trailer premiered during the game. And the new Transformers trailer.

  5. Finally someone like me who doesn’t all up in the football craze… I watched the superbowl but honestly didn’t follow it too well until the end when it got exciting and I didn’t mind watching it… it’s nice for someone to write a review that I can follow without all the stats being most of the talk.

  6. SORRY! I forgot to request a free copy.

  7. Cierra,

    No need to apologize, I did not even notice that you forgot to ask and would not have minded a bit if you had never made it up to me. 🙂 But, for your sake, I am glad that you remembered. An email is on its way to you right now.

  8. the refs made sure it was a steeler victory at one point it was 10 to 1 on pinalties and they were stoped on 3rd and 6 but sure a flag was out by the ref and that was rulled a fumble on the last play and not a incomplete pass i will never know the steelers vhad one handed to them

  9. Man, I really felt sorry for the Cardinals at the end there. They put in a good fight, for sure!

  10. I like the Cardinals. They are a good team honestly, they didn’t win but they made it to SB at least.

  11. that was rulled a fumble on the last play and not a incomplete pass i will never know the steelers vhad one handed to them

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