China is Changing Without Your Help: Why Should You Care?

China is growing fast economically. It is modernizing faster than any other country has. It is making the transition from an ancient monarchy/dictatorship style government to a more representative form. They are making changes in almost every part of the culture. Some changes are for the better. Some are making things much worse.

The fact is:

China is changing.

Changing fast.

Changing without your help.

Changing in spite of your help.

As Americans, Europeans and other such old powers, we would like for the new rulers of the universe (China and a few others nations in Asia, but my focus is primarily on China) to become as much like us as possible before we hand-over power to them. At least we want them to pick up our good traits. If they can do that without all the bad characteristics that would be even better.

The problem is:

China is huge.

China is powerful.

More powerful than you might think.

And it is a little too big to push around.

We really do not have the ability to make China do much of anything. The best we can hope for on a national level is to be a great example, and show them how our suggestions are in their best interest. Any attempt to force them to become what we want them to become will conflict with nationalistic pride and a well founded skepticism.

So we are without hope? The Chinese government will soon rule the world with the absolute authority they currently subject their citizens to? Well not completely without hope.

On a personal level your impact can be huge.

You may think of China as just a place on the other side of the world. It is, but it is also a place filled with billions of people. And each person, whether they realize it or not, has the ability to influence other people who have the ability to influence others. Through positive personal influence spread from person to person, nations and the whole course of history have been improved dramatically many times before, and it can happen again.

The key concept, the take-away, is that positive change in China, or in your home-town for that matter, will come primarily if not exclusively through personal contact. We desperately need you (Don’t look over your shoulder. I am talking directly to you.) personally and individually to start today on a campaign to improve your world one person at a time. If you are not sure how to do this, please contact me.

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