Group Writing Project: Goodbye Winter

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Tabetha over at Denim and Silk (aka my favorite wife) is hosting a group writing project all about winter. The idea is to be thankful for and enjoy the season you are in even while anxiously looking forward toward the next season. I think the same idea can be applied to any type of season in life.

Right now I am looking forward to the retirement season when I can finally read all the great books I have wanted to read for years and all the new and fascinating books that keep finding me. But, I will continue to appreciate my swiftly passing youth and hopefully put it to good use.

Part of the writing project is to list the things you will miss about Winter when it is gone. Here is my list:

  • Hot tea – we still drink tea occasionally in the summer, but there is nothing like a warm tea on a cold morning.
  • Snow – had to shovel more than I wanted this winter, but in general, I really like making snowmen, sledding, and snowball fighting.
  • Fire in a wood stove – we don’t have a would stove but we are house and babysitting this week for a couple that do have a wood stove, and I am really enjoying it.
  • Freedom from pollen – winter brings colds, but they are temporary, allergy season (for me at least) stretches over several months.

These are few my favorite things. What are you going to miss most about winter?

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