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Tonight I challenged, Tabetha and myself to pick our top post from last month. I think it really helps to take a look at what we have written lately and review our successes and failures.

Something I noticed is that I still write long posts about the stuff I care about and short posts about other “stuff”. This is backwards because any post that goes over 300 words is likely to be skimmed. That said, I still think my top post for the month is a longish one. If you do not agree, feel free to set me straight. It gets boring being right all the time, anyway.

So with much further ado, here are the top posts for February.

This conversation is going in circles from Luke Gedeon (uhm… me)

Real Love and Candy and Snow from Tabetha Gedeon

If you decide to pick a top post from your blog too, let me know, and I will add your’s to the list.

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