Women are Normal

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One of my favorite bloggers of either gender, Meg, talks about the strange fact that we make a big deal out of women that can achieve something many men have already done before.

I think part of the reason this happens is that women are normal. I realize I am painting with a broad brush and that not everyone fits neatly into a category. I know of several exceptions, but in general this is true.

The greatest people throughout history have typically had abnormal problems. These problems drive them toward greatness. Duress leads to success, and necessity is the mother of invention.

Men are just not normal. Within a few weeks of conception their brains are acid washed in hormones that kill off half of their brain-cells. This mental handicap leads them to over compensate with an aggressive focus on the few things they are still able to do.

They are also not able to feel the diverse emotions that a female is capable of experiencing. This loss turns out to be an asset in doing extraordinary things but leaves them out of many of the great joys of life.

Since women do not have to deal with the mental handicaps that the average male suffers, they do not have be as creative or work as hard just to keep up. This means that fewer females pursue greatness with the mindless abandon common among men, which makes the few who do more noticeable by contrast.

So which would you rather be, good-enough at everything or exceptional at one thing and weak everywhere else?

This is one of my submissions to the April WILF adversity groupwrite Project. To find what that means and join in on the fun head over to Robert Hruzek’s Middle Zone Musings.

6 responses to “Women are Normal

  1. I think I’m gonna just sit back for while and see what kind of reaction you’ll get from this one, Luke! πŸ˜€

  2. I agree that most women don’t pursue greatness with mindless abandon…unless he’s one heck of a guy. I’m not sure if it’s a question of better balance or our damned sense of the practical. I’d really rather be great at one thing, but I think what normally happens with women is being good or at least competent at many.

  3. i often say as a woman that I wear my life on my sleeve, the emotions of most of my being available for all to see and experience. at my most raw, and yes at my most vulnerable I find that my relationships are deepened tremendously – many say I risk – why wouldn’t I?

  4. I was curious about what you would say in a blog with the title you chose, so stopped by to find out.

    Since history shows that men have held the power in most areas – politics, religion, business, finance, education, women and men face each of these environments from a different perspective. Women’s voices, talents and contributions are beginning to be recognized more in the 20th and 21st centuries.

    Women were on the adverse side of the scale for centuries. From what I’ve witnessed, I’ve seen women work extremely hard and use great creativity to achieve what they have up to this point.

    Just a tidbit from brain science to add more light… Boys lose a great deal of the corpus collosum layer of their brains at puberty. The human brain is wired to work from both the right and left sides daily. The brain has dual engines. πŸ™‚

    I note Robert didn’t want to touch this one. πŸ˜‰

  5. I never know that males actually do that? I Know that males express aggression physically while females do it mentally. It just still sucks that man are the ones that are still dominate in society.
    Yet, I do believe that females have penis envy, while the men have uterus envy. Males have to work all there life to create another life, but more importantly the female’s uterus is the creation of life!

    btw can you send me the Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac for Free!


  6. Or it could be that greatness is expected from us so it is no big deal. Or that our achievements are largely ignored. Case in point: The UConn’s women’s basketball team just won the NCAA championship for the second year in a row and have won 78 games in a row yet there’s hardly any coverage of it. That is an amazing feat. Yet all I hear about is the Butler men’s basketball team that lost to Duke. They lost yet get more coverage that the women’s team. How is that?

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