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A little over a week ago I asked you to, Please Donate A Blog Post to C4C .

That post left a lot of questions unanswered. I decided to bring all the questions together in one place and try to answer a few of them.

Q. How much money are you trying to get me and my friends to donate?

A. None actually. All we need is for you write a post, and Zemanta will donate the funds.

Q. What is this exactly?

A. Zemanta won 2nd place in a Change the Web Challenge. They are going to pass the cash prize along to the causes that get the most blog mentions by 6/6.

Q. Can you explain more about what C4C does?

A. Sure, C4C publishes democracy and human rights related articles online and in print. C4C helps advocates of change, both in China and exiled to keep on advocating a better life for the people.

Q. I don’t feel qualified to write a post, how can I help?

A. This contest only counts blog entries, so I really need you to post. How can I help you be more qualified?

Q: I do not have a blog, can I still help?

A: Yes! Send the link to this site to all your friends on facebook, twitter, stumbled, delicious and all other social media.

Q. This does not fit with the character and nature of my blog can I post somewhere else?

A: Certainly! You are welcome to post on my blog, or contact me and I will help you find somewhere you can post you entry.

Q. Can I post about more than one charity?

A. Yes. You could for example list your favorite charities. Just make sure you include C4C. 🙂

Q. How many posts do you need to get in order to win?

A. We need 12 more as of right now, but other non-profits could add more too. So, we just have to get and stay ahead for the next 3 weeks.

Q. How do they check how many posts we’ve had?

A. They gave a key phrase to include at the bottom of the post, plus a link. Links are very easy to track back. Plus, they are a search company so finding their key phrase is easy for them.

Q. So if I weave what you wrote into a post i write, it would work? It doesn’t have to just be the post and link only, right?

A. Right, as long as it has the key phrase from step 2 with that link somewhere in it they will find it.

If you have any more questions let me know and I will add them too.

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