My Favorite Flower – A Group Writing Project

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This is one group writing project that I doubt I would have participated in if it was organized by anyone other than my wife. It takes a real man to talk publicly about his favorite flower!

So, my favorite flower is a blue rose. You might argue that such a thing does not exist, but I know they do because I have bought some for my wife. Actually they are white roses dyed blue, but they look impressive.

I had never seen or heard of a blue rose when I first picked them as my favorite nearly twenty years ago – back before the internet. I have since seen them in stores and discovered that they are fairly popular online. At the time, I was trying to pick something unique and original. Guess I missed on that score. But I still like them.

This is my contribution to Tabetha’s My Favorite Flower Group Writing Project. You can find out more over at her blog Denim and Silk.

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