Picture of the Day: The Church as a Target

Image by Fr Antunes via Flickr

My 7-year-old helped me pick the picture for today. He thought it was a target. I thought that fit rather well since the church is one of the most frequently targeted groups. The church is under constant attack from the government, media, individuals, other religious groups, and even from its own members.

What those who attack the church fail to realize is that persecution is the single most effective way to grow the church. Goverments and businesses need peace and stability to grow. Churches are like muscles. If you shred them in painful and excrutiating exercise they will grow back stronger than ever.

The church in China and a few nearby nations are experiencing the severest persecution at this point in history, and the church is growing faster there than anywhere else.

So maybe this church window was made to look like a target on purpose. What do you think?

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3 responses to “Picture of the Day: The Church as a Target

  1. Picture is so well according to the title and I like it. Mostly, It is difficult to put church pictures on such posts but you did it very well.

  2. Luke, Interesting observation. Adversity is what puts us in touch with our spirituality. That’s when we become aware of our vulnerability and mortality. Government and business can’t help us much in those areas.
    .-= Brad Shorr´s last blog ..9 Important Parts of a Business Blog =-.

  3. Hi Luke – Interesting – I guess pain and suffering do make us all stronger. Without problems in my life, I know I would have learned a lot less.

    And that church window looks a lot like a darts board or something.

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