Poor as You Want to Be

America, like many other countries through history, has been living the last half-century under the oppression of a group of wealthy people who have created the illusion that they have special powers that other people lack.

The reality: You lack wealth either because you believed a lie, or you are pursuing something you value more than money!

Not all poor want to be, but some do.

I actually chose to be poor! I wanted to be the father of 6 children (so far). That is expensive, but worth it. I spend a lot of time with my family. They are more important to me than money is. I am also spending some of my free time on an alphabet to help those with dyslexia. I could make more money doing other things but I have found something better.

Not all poor are lazy, but some are.

A lazy person has also found something that want more than money or any of the other benefits that come from hard work. They want an easy life free from discomforts. Unfortunately, they fail to realize that they are actually working against their own purposes, but that is a story for another day. Actually laziness can have another source.

Not all poor believe a lie, but most do.

The biggest cause of poverty is belief in a lie. I am not smart enough. I am handicapped. My parents couldn’t afford to send me to a “good” college. My boss cheated me. You name the excuse, it is based on a lie. I am going to list a few here and discuss them over the next few weeks.

  1. I need a big break
  2. I don’t have talent
  3. I am doing the best I can
  4. I was cheated by my boss or somebody rich
  5. Fate is against me, bad luck, bad health
  6. I’ll do better tomorrow
  7. You have to follow your dream
  8. My parents warped me
  9. I don’t know how
  10. It shouldn’t be this hard

Can you think of others to add to the list?

6 responses to “Poor as You Want to Be

  1. If I give my money to this person/investment then I will become rich. Because that is how rich people get rich. Doesn’t matter that I don’t understand it or have done due diligence. And when it doesn’t happen, I blame the government or greedy corporations.

    • Great input! Some of these lies are extremely difficult to excise simply because they are so close to the truth. You can learn a lot from watching the investment practices of the rich, but you cannot follow blindly. Most forms of investment, especially those with the highest potential returns, are not friendly to the follower. Timing is everything. Copiers come to late, and get burned.

  2. This is true in the most part, I am disabled and have also in my past been the CEO of a multinational.

    To make that company successful one has to be a persona as well as being the first in and last out at the office, one also has to inspire and motivate others who to be frank, one care’s very little about, they are a means to an end, nothing more than that.

    Like many, I have chosen to write, express myself in poetry, ridicule the system and idiots who believe in fair play and an honest justice system, this does not make one popular nor does it fill ones coffers, however tis rewarding in other ways, the only problem is, one has to save these days and glean what one can, like programs on the internet because of ones ex prima donna status, one choses to use apple as the other is for morons 😉 (dry humour, do not shoot me)

    So here I am, reading your lovely blog in the vain hope I receive a copy of office 2000 and who cares if there is a 4 or an 11 or s 27 on the end, as long as it’s free and as long as it works on my old 2006 Mac that I have toiled over with screw drivers combined with tea and biscuits to update it to 4GB of ram, upload lion and now surf the web attempting to save cash on software.

    One hopes you have a dry sense of humour as I do so having laughed at my post send me a free copy , or on the other hand , you have no sense of humour thus send me a copy any way because you pity me as I am a sad case & a Buddhist so I will light candles and bless your blog, one hopes this was enough, oh, and I liked the Beowulf post rather, surely that merits

    Kind regards


    • Hi Jonny,

      I do have a bit of humor. As a matter of fact a careful reading of the post about MS Office will reveal as much. However, a careful reading will reveal that I never intended to promote, give away, or have anything to do with MS Office. Instead, I link to a much better alternative. Hope that helps.

  3. I really take your point, but “I’ll do better tomorrow” is actually something I say to encourage myself to improve. Whether today was a success or a failure, the reminder that we have another shot tomorrow is VERY encouraging!

  4. I don’t like “I’ll do better tomorrow.” You devalue your time between now and then. “Doing better” should be the overarching theme of everything you do. Define, “better” and go for it 24/7.

    One exercise I do to keep me on track is the WWID sanity check. When I need to make a choice I ask, “What would I do?” The “I” is the person I want to be. I try to imagine the point of view of someone looking back on a well lived life from the comfort of an idyllic existence and I try to live my life in such a way that that person, hopefully my future self, has as few regrets as possible.

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